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mTicket Terms and Conditions

Definitions and descriptions

In these Conditions “the Company” means West Midlands Travel Ltd. (National Express West Midlands and National Express Coventry). 

These terms and conditions will govern the purchase and use of National Express Bus mTickets bought on the National Express West Midlands bus website and via the National Express Bus mobile ticket App and used on any Company bus service. When downloading the App you are also agreeing to be bound by these terms. 

For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions:

“we/us/our” refers to the Company

“you/your” refers to the person purchasing tickets or down loading the App.

 “mTicket” means a paperless ticket that is downloaded onto your mobile phone accepted for travel on the Company’s services.

“mobile phone” means a mobile phone – iPhone or android, or any other hand help device running the appropriate software allowing you to download the mobile ticket facility and a mTicket.

“mobile ticket facility” means the mTicket APP which you download enabling you to purchase a mTicket via your mobile phone.

These Terns and Conditions may be modified at any time. This will not affect any existing terms accepted by you when making your purchase through either the web site or the mobile ticket facility.


1. National Express mTickets are available to purchase via your mobile phone using the NX Bus mTicket app. Once you have purchased the ticket it will be delivered as a  mTicket to your mobile phone. mTickets sold on the National Express Bus App are for use on National Express services only in the times and in the areas as specified at the time of purchase.

2. The price you pay for the mTicket will be valid for the duration on the ticket, any subsequent price changes during the validity of the ticket will not affect the mTicket you have already purchased.

3. mTickets are valid immediately for travel at the time you make your purchase. Please ensure that you wish to travel on the day you purchase the ticket as no refunds will be given

4. Payment for mTickets must be made by credit or debit card. The appropriate payment for the mTicket will be deducted from your bank account at time of purchase once it has been authorised by your bank. Please note we do not store your debit/credit card details.

5. Students purchasing the mTicket will be asked to provide proof of full time education which must be provided within 10 days of purchase. Failure to do so will result in your mTicket being cancelled. No refunds will be given. 


1. Mobile tickets - mTickets are downloaded to your registered mobile device through the National Express Bus App. Tickets are downloaded to your registered mobile device via the internet. An internet connection will be required to activate your tickets. Following purchase, your m-ticket cannot be changed and is non-refundable. 

2. mTickets must be activated prior to you boarding the bus, the ticket displayed on your mobile phone screen must be shown to the bus  driver or conductor on the Tram. Please ensure you have sufficient battery charge to show to the driver and for the whole duration of your journey, the company cannot be held responsible if you have insufficient battery.

3. Please allow time for the App to load whilst waiting for the bus. If you are unable to display the ticket on your phone the full cash fare must be paid. No refund will be given.

4. You may be asked to show your mTicket to an Inspector or any member of staff employed by the Company, West Midlands Police or the Safer Travel Team.

5. We reserve the right to refuse travel on invalid mTickets or if used on a stolen phone. The mTickets are not transferable and may only be used by the registered phone user, mTickets do not give you priority over other passengers.

The National Express Bus App

1. Once you have downloaded the National Express Bus App you will be able to purchase tickets to travel with the Company. All tickets purchased through the App are subject to our Conditions of Carriage which can be found at

2. The App is owned by the company and Masabi Ltd and may only be used for your own personal use. You must not try to alter, modify or in any way try to copy or transfer the mobile ticket facility to any other users.

3. You must ensure that your mobile device has the required version of the relevant operating system. You are responsible for all data charges incurred when using the app with your mobile phone provider.

Legal responsibility

1. If you lose your mobile phone with a valid mTicket saved on it, please call our Direct Sales Team on 0121 254 6363. Any value remaining on your mTicket will be transferred to you new mobile phone.

2. We may cease to operate the service at anytime, the values of any balance associated with unused tickets at that time will be refunded.

Data Protection

The Data Protection Act 1998 is designed to protect personal data that is entered and stored on computer and other systems. It lays down standards of accuracy, relevance and care of such data, including how it may be divulged.

Any data about individuals you enter onto our web site directly or include in any message to us will be subject to the Act and you are responsible for its accuracy and relevance and must have the authority to disclose it to us to utilise it for the purposes for which you have provided such information to us.

In the same way, we are committed to protecting personal data and using personal data information fairly and lawfully in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

We will use any personal data you provide (and any personal data we create relative to your account and transactions with us) for the purposes of managing and administering your account, performing your orders for Travelcards, and collecting payments.

We do not use or disclose personal data for direct marketing, unless we get your consent.

This web site may use cookies to monitor IP addresses of guests to access which pages are most popular. These IP addresses are not linked to any personal data so all guests who use our site remain anonymous.

The Data Protection Act gives you the following rights:

• You have the right to be told data we hold about you. We may charge you a fee of £10 to cover our costs in dealing with your request.

• You have a right to stop your data being used for direct marketing.

• You have the right to stop your data being used, if it is causing genuine substantial distress, which is not justified.

• You have the right to ask for the rectification or erasure of any inaccurate information.

Correct at 1st August 2016, subject to change without notice.