National Express Bus

Travelling in Birmingham, the Black Country and Coventry

If you are new to the area, or are unfamiliar with the public transport operations within the West Midlands, this guide will provide useful information to make your ticket selection process simpler.

Bus Travel Area

Bus services within the West Midlands cover three main areas with tickets covering the Black Country area to the west and Coventry to the east. A West Midlands wide ticket covers all areas including Birmingham and Solihull.

Bus Services from National Express West Midlands

National Express West Midlands is one of many private operators operating bus services across the West Midlands and we operate the largest and most comprehensive network within the West Midlands area. Our coverage area is shown on this map.

We offer a varied range of tickets to cover most types of bus users and travel areas and where possible we supply our tickets straight to your mobile phone for instant use. Some tickets which cannot be provided on a mobile are available on an electronic Swift card.

Other Bus Operators

If you wish to travel on other operators services, there is a type of ticket called ‘nBus’. For an additional cost, this allows travel on any operators services within the coverage area (please note that the nBus travel area is slightly different to the National Express one. Please see the coverage area on this map).

The list of participating operators within the nBus scheme can be found by clicking here.

Tickets for nBus services are only available on Swift cards.

West Midlands Metro Tram

A tram service operated by West Midlands Metro between Wolverhampton and Birmingham is available as an add-on for some types of ticket (both National Express and other operator tickets) and allows unlimited tram travel during the duration of the ticket.

Train Travel

A ticket type called ‘nNetwork’ is available which combines bus and tram* and train travel. Tickets are based on zones starting with Zone 1 which covers central Birmingham and extending out to Zone 5 for travel to areas such as Stourbridge, Wolverhampton and Coventry.

For more details of the coverage area of nNetwork tickets, please click here.

nNetwork tickets are only available on Swift cards.

At present, train travel outside of the West Midlands metropolitan area of zones 1-5 is not available via National Express.

* Tram services are not included for Network Zone 1 or Network Zones 1-2 tickets.